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January 2016 - Publication of the First Alternative Report of Civil Society Organisations sent to the Committee for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The First Alternative Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was drafted by civil society organisations and sent to the Committee for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to integrate the Report drafted by the Italian government and published on the website of the National Observatory on the Condition of Persons with Disabilities and sent to the Committee in November 2012 according to the provisions of the UN convention.

The Alternative Report gathers the stances of civil society on the implementation of the Convention by the party State (in this instance, Italy) and is aimed at helping the Committee at OHCHR have a better understanding of the situation in the country concerned. It contains information from official sources, media articles, publications and testimonies, which may be individual, related to human rights violations, regardless of the number of cases, as well as discrimination against relevant populations. The Report focuses attention on living conditions of persons with disabilities and examines a series of aspects of the national Report, formulating specific recommendations.

The document was prepared by a drafting committee nominated by the Italian Forum on Disability and included written contributions by ADV (Associazione Disabili Visivi – Association of the Visually Impaired), AIPD (Associazione Italiana Persone Down – Italian Association of Persons with the Down Syndrome), ANFFAS (Associazione Nazionale Famiglie di Persone con Disabilità Intellettiva e/o relazionale – National Association of Families of Persons with Intellectual and/or Relational Disability), ANMIC (Associazione Nazionale Mutilati e Invalidi Civili - National Association of Wounded and Legally Disabled Persons) , ENIL (European Network on Independent Living) , ENS (Ente Nazionale Sordi – National Organisation of the Deaf), LEDHA(Lega per i diritti delle persone con disabilità – League for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) and CBM Italia (Christian Blind Mission in Italy). The complete version was published in Italian in January 2016, to show the main Italian stakeholders the viewpoint and suggestions of associations representing persons with disabilities.