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National Observatory on the Condition of Persons with Disabilities


Working Groups

In order to analyse particular issues, thematic areas covering the main reference fields indicated in the Convention were created within the Observatory. The following 8 working groups were identified as indicated in the Internal Regulations of the Observatory and Methodology Guidelines:

Group 1: Recognition of the condition of person with disabilities and multidimensional evaluation aiming at supporting access system and personalised planning.

Group 2: Autonomy, independent living and empowerment of the person with disabilities: public, social, sanitary and health policies to counter disability

Group 3: Right to life and health

Group 4: Training process and school inclusion

Group 5:  Work inclusion and social protection

Group 6: Accessibility (information, mobility, services) in the perspective of Universal Design

Group 7: International cooperation and international projection of policies on disability

Group 8: Reporting and statistics


The tasks of the groups include the drafting of the First Detailed Report on the measures adopted in compliance with article 35 of the UN Convention (Treaty-Specific Document), in cooperation with the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Human Rights (Comitato Interministeriale dei Diritti Umani – CIDU).